Attia Real Estate and investments Ltd.

Developing, promoting and implementing multi-disciplinary real estate transactions.


Attia Real Estate and Investments Ltd. initiates and supports the process of establishing commercial and entertainment complexes, from developing the business idea, through implementation to ongoing presence once it opens to the public. In addition, the company specializes in consulting on developing a concept, and in processes of upgrading and re-branding of new projects. Attia Ltd. takes part in the architectural design process and provides feedback to the architect concerning various aspects, to include: The scope of commercial space and size of shops, Access and maneuvering spaces, Parking lots and Client traffic.


Attia Real Estate and Investment Ltd. specializes in identifying and locating entrepreneurial Real Estate developments, and providing solutions for logistic centers and offices enhancement. The company’s consulting services and professional solutions in every aspect of logistics centers and offices, rely on extensive, tested and trusted knowledge, and on a large network and many years of experience, allowing the company to escort clients through the phases of acquisition, construction, rental and re-planning, in full accordance with their needs.


Attia Real Estate and Investment Ltd. escorts land owners in upgrading their property for residential purposes, while managing the planning process, working alongside the statutory planning committees and the Israeli Lands Administration. The company possesses unique expertise in teaming land owners and entrepreneurs for building residential neighborhoods. Attia Ltd. also specializes in creating a unique marketing concept for community expansions, organization of purchase groups, prior sale transactions and more.

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Attia Real Estate and investments Ltd

52 Menachem Begin road

Sonol Tower, Tel-Aviv


Attia Real Estate and investments Ltd. specializes in developing, promoting and implementing multi - disciplinary real estate transactions of Israeli and international markets. The company’s activities cover commercial, residential and industrial real estate, and include a variety of business solutions and professional services in the economic, planning, legal and marketing areas.

Providing a professional and comprehensive service for initiating projects; starting from formulating the business idea and creating a suitable model, strategic development and economic analysis, through recruiting investors all the way to project realization.

Based on year’s long experience and knowledge, the company sees through the designs of each project with an economic perspective, emphasizing the functionality and Implications of planning on the construction and operation costs, and estimates future project expansion. In addition, the company specializes in managing the process of change of designation of land, promoting urban construction plans, and overseeing the construction process of projects.

The experienced marketing team of Attia Real Estate and Investments Ltd., creates an optimal marketing blend for its clients, and follows them through all stages of the marketing process. From the initial contact with the client, through negotiation, to finalizing the transaction, while addressing current problems along the way. The company’s team escorts the development of the project, and supports with required adjustments in planning and marketing.

Attia Real Estate and Investment Ltd helps its clients in developing marketing strategies for real estate projects; from defining the marketing blend to full implementation. In this framework, the company also offers due diligence services for income-producing assets of proposed acquisition, which includes, beyond the economic aspect, the professional aspects of a business such as:
- Improving marketing blend.
- Structural changes or required repairs.
- Expected threats.